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Asbestos Risk Management

An asbestos survey provides crucial information about the presence, type, and condition of asbestos in your property. It helps in preventing accidental disturbances, ensuring compliance with regulations, and safeguarding the health of occupants.

If your property was built before the year 2000 and hasn’t been surveyed before, it’s crucial to conduct an initial survey. Follow-up surveys depend on the condition of identified asbestos materials and any planned renovations or demolitions.


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    Years of Experience

    Over 15 years experience in new build, refurbishment and maintenance schemes across all sectors


    Our clients span retail, education, industrial, civil engineering, automotive, and residential sectors. We provide tailored safety and design solutions to meet their diverse needs.

    £25K to £50m in Value
    £ 25000

    Squared Circle excels in new builds, refurbishments, and maintenance projects across all sectors, handling projects valued from £25K to £50M.

    Our Vision

    To create cleaner, safer workplaces for the end user, including access for cleaning and maintenance by promoting safety through responsible design. We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world. Everyone has the right to be safe.

    Our Mission

    To change the way you think about safety and design by providing solutions that nurture innovation and make a positive impact on the environment where we live and work.

    Our Expert Services

    At Squared Circle, we leverage our extensive expertise to offer a wide range of specialised services, which includes:

    Our commitment is to deliver tailored, effective solutions that ensure safety and compliance in every project we undertake. Trust us to enhance your workplace safety and efficiency with our expert guidance and comprehensive services.

    Asbestos Surveys

    Management, Refurbishment, Demolition, Re-Inspection

    Asbestos Testing Lab

    Site Visits & UKAS Accredited Certification Certification

    Asbestos Audits

    Site & Licensed Removal Contractor Audits

    Asbestos In Soil

    Inspection, Sampling & Remediation

    Air Testing & 4SC

    Backgrounds, Personals, Leaks, Reassurance and 4-Stage Clearance 

    Asbestos Removal

    Licensed, Non-Licensed & Notifiable Non-Licensed

    About Us

    Welcome to Squared Circle, a leader in health and safety consultancy and building surveying services with a rich history of excellence. Since our inception, we’ve been dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions in asbestos management, fire safety, lead safety, water hygiene, and CDM regulations across various sectors.

    Our journey began with a commitment to innovation and client satisfaction, evolving over the years to become a trusted partner in creating safer workplaces. Click below to discover our story and how Squared Circle can exceed your expectations in safety and design.

    Our Projects

    Explore our diverse portfolio of projects at Squared Circle, Discover how our tailored approaches have made a tangible difference across various sectors.


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